Four tools of the CrazyMill Chamfer family are available:

  • CrazyMill Frontchamfer for front chamfering and deburring of the part, in the diameter range of 1.0 mm to 6.0 mm (.0393" to .236")
  • CrazyMill Backchamfer for back edge deburring or hole deburring even in the smallest dimensions without unclamping the part, in diameters of 0.36 mm to 5.7 mm (.0142" to .224")
  • CrazyMill Doublechamfer allows to deburr edges and difficult-to-access locations front and rear with one single tool, in the diameters of 0.9 mm to 5.7 mm (.0354" to .224")
  • CrazyMill Radiuschamfer is suitable for front and back chamfering as well as for all possible internal and external contours and intersections of holes and milling procedures, in the diameter range of 1 mm to 6 mm (.0393" to .236")