Accurate and efficient chamfering/deburring

4 types of milling tools

The chamfer tools and deburring tools from the CrazyMill Chamfer family constitute an extension to the CrazyDrill/MiquDrill drill kit as well as to the CrazyMill Cool milling tool kit.  Holes, offsets, grooves, intersections, etc. can be effortlessly and quickly deburred or chamfered forward or even backwards. The result is a burr-free part with a defined chamfer.

4 types of milling tools are available:

  • CrazyMill Frontchamfer: front deburring/chamfering
  • CrazyMill Backchamfer: back deburring/chamfering
  • CrazyMill Doublechamfer: front and back deburring/chamfering
  • CrazyMill Radiuschamfer: front and back deburring/chamfering for complex contours such as hole intersections

General milling information 

Downcut milling and upcut milling

  • Chamfering: When chamfering Mikron Tool recommends downcut milling.



  • Deburring: When deburring the ideal machining direction depends on the burr formation (direction). It is recommended that the milling tool be used against the burr direction. Therefore, downcutting or upcutting is more suitable, depending on the situation.


Front deburring/chamfering of holes, pockets, edges


Approach using spiral interpolation, rolling entry or tangential entry.

Back deburring/chamfering of holes, pockets, edges


Approach using spiral interpolation, rolling entry or tangential entry.

Deburr complex contours such as hole intersections


Depending on part geometry, approach using spiral interpolation, rolling entry, tangential entry, side delivery or even CNC special function for tubular openings.

Tested and approved

Mikron Tool has determined the ideal cutting parameters (ratio of milling speed to service life and reliability) for the use of CrazyMill Chamfer. These are listed in the cutting data charts according to milling tool diameter, milling tool type and material to be machined. Explicit and at Mikron Tool tested cutting data such as cutting speed vc and feed per tooth fz allow quick and safe machining.

The overview of the cutting data chart according to material group, type of material, degree of hardness and tear strength, material number, DIN und  AISI/ASTM/UNS allows quick assignment of the cutting parameters to be used .


An impact-resistant and user-friendly tool packaging is absolutely necessary for CrazyMill Chamfer. Mikron Tool offers all tools of the CrazyMill Chamfer family in a high quality, single package.

Notes or further questions

You can find indications about tool holders, cooling and lubrication under the column "Additional Tech Specs".

Mikron Tool has an international team of cutting technology experts who  are pleased to answer your questions (how to use a drill, tools, machines, tool holders, cooling, machining process…).

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