From tool testing to complete solution

Who has the time and resources these days to test new tools on their in-house machines, optimise processes or develop new projects?

That is precisely what "CrazyService Products", as Mikron Tool calls its engineering offering, can provide to the customer: while the customer’s machines are producing at full speed, the machining specialists at Mikron Tool take care of his new projects and new or optimised CNC programs, or test whether a new tool is suitable for its application. The aim is always to manufacture workpieces economically and with maximum precision.

Five packages cover all requirements:

1. Tool evaluation

MikronTool engineers discussing test results on DMG MachineAre you looking for the appropriate tools to manufacture a new workpiece or for an existing process? Are you seeking the right tool for machining a new material? Is the tool used to date really the best option? What added value does Mikron Tool offer? The "Tool Evaluation" service is specifically defined for these tasks.


  • Determine the best standardised tool for the customer’s individual machining task. 
  • Test the tool based on customer requirements.
  • Create a report with tool recommendations and tool evaluation.
  • Deliver cutting data and all relevant benchmarks for tool use.
  • Measurement protocols according to customer requirements.

Customer benefits

  • Save on resources and machines: Outsourcing saves the production company valuable staff time and avoids using in-house machines for testing.
  • Security and expertise before buying: The results using tools by Mikron Tool for a specific application are documented using measuring protocols.
  • The user obtains optimum cutting data for the tool at no additional expense.

Project implementation: Takes around two days.
Supplement: This package can be supplemented with packages 2 to 5.

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2. Process definition

Process Definition

The production of one of your components involves critical processes. By using the Crazy Tools from our range, these processes should be optimized. Our “Process Definition” service can offer you significant support in this context.


  • We analyze the critical features or processes using drawings or CAD files. Then, we define a new manufacturing strategy with the appropriate tools from our range that will significantly improve your operation methods.
  • We will create a CAD-CAM simulation for you.
  • You will receive a report that contains recommendations for tools, cutting data, and the machining concept.
  • Optionally we do machining tests of the manufacturing strategy (subject to an additional charge).
    -Tools and cutting parameters are validated in the tests. An inspection of the tool and work piece will be carried out.
    -We will provide you with reports, measurement protocols, and CAM or NC files.


Customer benefits

  • By using our CrazyTools, you will gain an optimized machining process.
  • Using efficient tools you optimize your manufacturing process in terms of cycle times and machining quality.
  • You will gain new knowledge for future projects.
  • You won`t spend additional money to determine the cutting data and set-up the process. Leave that in our capable hands.
  • Fast results: make the most of our extensive experience and targeted approach.

Project implementation:  Depending on the scope and complexity of the task, the time required for completing set-up is between one and two weeks.

This service can be supplemented with packages 3 to 5.

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3. Tool life test

Life Time Test

Want to make your machining processes more economical? Would you like an estimate of the tool costs per workpiece produced? Do you want reliable manufacturing and know when a tool change is required in order to avoid rejects on cost-intensive parts? This is exactly what the "Tool Life Test" service is designed for.





  • Definition of lifetime for a defined tool.
  • Test the tool according to customer requirements.
  • Information for calculating the workpiece machining costs and the savings potential of the tools used.
  • Create a report with tool evaluation, tool recommendations, cutting data and relevant measuring data.
  • Deliver all guidelines for the use of tools including wear analysis and estimated tool life.
  • Measuring protocols according to customer requirements.

Customer benefits

  • No tie-up of own resources: Outsourcing the lifetime test frees up staff working hours and machine capacity for series production.
  • Support with tool selection in terms of cost-effectiveness: By determining the tool life, it is possible to calculate the machining effort and costs per workpiece.
  • Identify savings potential thanks to a verified evaluation of the long-term tests with appropriate tool recommendation.  

Project implementation: The time it takes to obtain useful results is between five days and one month.

This service can be supplemented with packages 4 to 5

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4. Process engineering

Process Engineering

One of your components has critical features or process sequences. You are looking to optimize your process using specially developed cutting tools. We have created our “Process Development” engineering service for such cases.



  • We analyze the critical processes using drawings or CAD files. Then, we define an alternative manufacturing strategy with newly developed tools (where necessary, in combination with tools from our catalogue) that will optimize your process. This with a focus on reducing cycle times, using fewer cutting tools, reducing process costs, and improving part quality.
  • We perform validation of the tools, cutting parameters, and machining strategy. This involves performing machining trials on the machine.
  • We produce a report that contains tool recommendations, valuations and cutting data for tool use.
  • We will provide you with CAM or NC files.
  • You will get recommendations on coolant, pressure, and tool clamping devices.
  • An inspection of the workpiece will be done.

Customer benefits

  • Optimized machining processes: We will find the most suitable tools for your machining processes, taking into account the machines you have available.
  • Significantly improved component quality.
  • No in-house expenditure in terms of personnel and machinery. No need to invest in measurement and production equipment.
  • Our targeted approach delivers fast results..

Project implementation: Depending on the scope and complexity of the task, the time required to obtain concrete results is between three and five weeks.

This service can be supplemented with package 5.

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5. Turnkey solution & Prototyping

Turnkey solutions & Prototyping

You have an idea for a new workpiece but not yet a notion on how to achieve the goal through a chip removal process? Need more know-how about cutting tools and processes? You have no spare machine capacity, or the necessary production equipment is not available? Then our "Turnkey Solutions & Prototyping" service is exactly what you need.






  • Develop an overall process (including recommendations for machines, coolants, tool holders, workpiece clamping, CAD/CAM programming, quality assessment etc.).
  • Transparent project management in several modules for different decision-making processes with corresponding interim reports/meetings.
  • Production of a prototype resp.  pilot series for product or process validation.
  • On request, customer training on the defined processes.

Customer benefits

  • No in-house capacity or expertise required, either for engineering or manufacturing.
  • Benefit from external expertise in the field of machining to obtain a complete technology package including prototype.
  • Shorter implementation time than with own internal resources.
  • No investment risk: Save on expensive investment in engineering, tools, machines, measuring equipment and employees and benefit from a strong partner who takes over these tasks on your behalf.

Project implementation: Depending on the complexity of the task, the project duration can vary considerably and may take up to several months.

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