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A small tool on the top !

The objective for each future-oriented company is to propose innovative products to the customers. Receiving an award for an innovation is motivating to continue with future developments. This is also valid for Mikron Tool SA Agno, the winner of the Prodex Award 2014, a prize awarded during the Prodex fair in Basel every second year: an award for the most innovative products in the area of manufacturing.


A new, small dimensioned drill for stainless steel

With characteristics such as bad thermal conductivity, high ductility and long chips, stainless steel is not a favorite of the chip removal specialist. These properties are synonymous for material cementing at the cutting edges, jammed and blocked flutes and therefore often the cause for premature drill breakage. The development engineers of Mikron Tool SA Agno accepted the challenge and with CrazyDrill SST-Inox they developed a small drill especially adapted for stainless and acid-resistant steels.


Mikron Tool

Cutting solutions are our passion

Mikron Tool came into existence in 1998 out of the former Tools department of the Rotary Transfer Machines manufacturer Mikron SA Agno as a result of the many decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of various types of drill bits for these machines. Starting as independent company with 25 employees in 1998, we are now a globally active tool supplier with main office in Switzerland (Agno Ticino), a branch office with sales and manufacturing in Germany (Rottweil) as well as sales branches in USA and China. 175 employees are working daily to satisfy the needs of the customers; a worldwide sales network with partner companies ensures the customer proximity everywhere.