Everything turns ... around the customer

Experience has taught us one thing: The customer is satisfied when he has not only a good tool but also when everything is right on the bottom line: This includes a good price-performance ratio as well as the competent specialized consulting during the purchase of the tool, the logistical handling and the on-site support in setting up of the various types of drilling and milling machines.

One customer, one team

At Mikron Tool every customer knows who is available to him within the technical and administrative areas. This team knows his needs as well as the contractual agreements and accompanies him from the first request, through the ordering, and up to the shipment and invoicing.


The order of the customer is processed administratively where he has made his order. All Mikron Tool locations have the same logistical information system, they are networked and exchange information with each other. The logistics partners are selected so that they are the ideal solution for the respective destination with respect to quick service, reliability and costs. It goes without saying that the needs of the customer are fully taken into consideration. 

The blanket order contract - long-term planning, risk-free

Easy recall of tools on the phone, securing the supplies, taking advantage of the short delivery times and preferential prices? Having its own tools inventory at Mikron Tool instead of keeping idle capital on its own site? 

The blanket order is the correct solution for gaining these advantages. It is enough to determine the annual demand for a given tool and guarantee a minimum delivery. Mikron Tool will think about the rest. A contractually agreed minimum inventory is always available in the Mikron Tool stock; we jointly define the time frame and the quantity. The regular information permits a good inventory control. The purchase and the payment take place on a partial basis; thanks to the contract, the price is calculated according to the total quantity and is thus very attractive. A transaction that is worthwhile for the customer.


And Mikron Tool profits from that as well: With the blanket order contract we optimize, on the one hand, the procuring of the materials and the production planning and, on the other hand, have more security and continuity.


The customs formalities are always an annoying extra expense. We want to spare the customers from them as much as possible. Because of that Mikron Tool as a Swiss manufacturer has organized an Euro-stock in Germany. From here all European countries are served quickly and without any bureaucratic burden.


Competent representation Worldwide

It is important for us that our regional partners are able to offer competent consulting. This means: Highest technical competence in machining technology as well as 100% knowledge of the Mikron Tool products and solutions.

How do we ensure all that?

All Mikron Tool partners are profiting from regular training in our Technology Center, where they can learn product details and new product characteristics plus where they experience the chip removal operations at the spindle and gather cutting tool experience in general. At consultation meetings, our customers benefit from this knowledge and from the exchange of new technological possibilities.