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We love challenges

Tools are our passion, small dimensions are our specialty and hard-to-machine materials are our challenge. The everyday life of Mikron Tool is around these attributes.


We are working daily to achieve a leadership position worldwide in high precision machining of small dimensions and challenging materials. This includes both the regular introduction of new and unique metal work tools on the market and the development of concrete solutions directly with the customers. In everything we undertake, the high level of competence is important. We are keeping up with that, whereby we concentrate on our strong points. Strong points such as best trained and motivated employees, intensive development activities or investing in most advanced production technologies.



"Mikron Tool shows healthy growth due to its innovative products"

A product is considered NEW at Mikron Tool only when it is unique and with high added value for the user. Without doubt, this is true for every single CrazyLine product. The proof: Twice already new developments of Mikron Tool were distinguished with the Prodex Award, a Swiss innovation prize for the best new developments in the field of manufacturing and production.

Our goals are clear: To surprise every year with original "crazy" novelties, to expand regularly the product lines, to optimize the existing boring tool examples and develop new ones. To achieve all that, it is necessary to actively pursue innovation in all areas of the company. Therefore, we use the latest technological knowledge, constantly optimize our processes, train ourselves regularly and exchange our knowledge among us. In addition, we rely on the collective intelligence of a motivated workforce. Our employees bring not only their proposals for improvement but  also accept the responsibility for the realization of their ideas.


The offer

Our offer is always about the adequate processing solution with tungsten carbide cutting tools: the customer selects either a solution that is specific for him or a product from the standardized tool program, which is available directly from stock. The main emphasis is on small dimensions in the drill bits sizes with diameter from 0.1 to 6.35 mm (.004" to .250").

In the area of customer-specific tools, the offer comprises the centering and chamfering, milling, turning, grinding or deburring and up to complex combination tools in the diameter range between 0.1 mm and 32 mm (.004" - 1.260"). These tools, with a focus on the machining of difficult materials, offer a high degree of precision and applications. A single customer-specific tool can often replace a number of standard tools, reduce significantly the processing times while increasing precision. Hereby not the costs per tool but the costs per manufactured part are in the foreground.

The standardized tools of Mikron Tool come with highest performance, best quality, and precision directly from our stock. The offer comprises not only various types of drill bits, but also tools for centering, milling and deburring in the diameter range from 0.1 to 6.35 mm (.004" to .250"). However, the flexibility and adaptation to the requirements of the client is of a major importance here. Drill bit size, best suitable geometries, the right coatings - the possible variants are practically endless.


The segments

Our customers come from a wide variety of industry segments, wherever high volume production or where the precision repeatability is crucial. Also where small dimensions require extreme tolerances and when difficult to machine materials are an issue.

Automotive industry, watchmaking and jewelry industry, aerospace technology, medical and dental technology, machine and apparatus construction, tool and mold making, transport and conveyor technology, electric and electronics, writing instruments, food industry, petrochemical industry, fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, household appliances are some segments where our tools are successfully being used.

Part of the Mikron Group

The Mikron Group develops and sells manufacturing and automation solutions for high-precision manufacturing processes. The Group, which is anchored in the Swiss innovation culture, is a worldwide active, leading partner of companies in the following industries: medical and pharmaceutical devices, consumer products, writing instruments and watchmaking .

The two divisions Mikron Automation and Mikron Machining have their main locations in Switzerland (Boudry and Agno). Additional production facilities are in Germany, Singapore, China and the USA. The around 1'100 employees of the Mikron Group can draw from more than 100 years of experience in providing manufacturing solutions for the production of high precision components in large volumes. The stock of Mikron Holding AG is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange (MIKN).


Markus Schnyder
Elio Lupica
Elio Lupica
Alberto Gotti
Marco Cirfeta
Marco Cirfeta
Markus Schnyder

His career began in 1982 at Mikron Boudry. As the first CEO of Mikron Tool he played a significant role in the foundation in 1998. Today he heads the Tools Business Division within the Mikron Group.

"Machining has inspired me ever since I came to work for Mikron”. I get my ideas from shop talk with colleagues and customers or quite easily when taking a walk or doing a lap on the bicycle which gives me new energy and I have my head free for new and “crazy” ideas."

Elio Lupica
Elio Lupica

He began working for Mikron in 1996 at Financial Accounting where he later became department head and then a Division Controller for Mikron Machining. In 2004 he transferred to Mikron Tool and since then has been responsible for the finance department, controlling and logistics. Since January 1st, 2016, he is also the CEO of the factory in Agno. 

"For me new areas of responsibility and projects represent a welcome challenge since I gladly engage in activities and I strive towards optimal work processes. I find the ideal balance between these in my free time when I enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains together with my dog."

Alberto Gotti

Alberto Gotti is a chemist with a doctorate in natural sciences. He graduated from ETHZ. He began working for Mikron Tool in 2010 where he was initially the head of production and is now head of the development team. His team is always at the forefront of technology with hi-tech tools based on the current state of research.

"I find it exciting to work with people from completely different disciplines and also to maintain direct contact with our customers. In my free time I love to travel to foreign countries or I'm out and about wearing my hiking shoes, snowshoes or skis."

Marco Cirfeta
Marco Cirfeta

He has been part of the Mikron Tool team since 2011 where he's responsible for business development and marketing. Since then he and his team have been marketing innovative cutting tools worldwide. The search for new markets and sales partners also falls under his scope of responsabilities as well as the Sales Management Europe from January 1st, 2016, on.

"I love a challenge and the acquiring of new experience in my private life just as well as I do at work: whether on a safari in Africa, when snorkeling with whale sharks or when camping in Patagonia."