CrazyDrill Alu
repeat accuracy and productivity

Short machining time

  • The machining time of the work-piece decreases significantly because of highest drilling speed and minimum chip removal
  • Self-centering due to the three flutes geometry; no centering needed

Longer tool life

  • Drill for aluminum with long tool life
  • Special DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating offers protection against wear

High process reliability -
high productivtiy

  • Self-centering due to three flutes design
  • Drill cuts very well because of sharp drill point geometry
  • Optimal chip flow through smooth DLC coating (chips do not adhere to drill)
  • Only minimum chip removal (pecks) needed due to special helical groove geometry
  • Clearly defined drilling process

High degree of precision

  • Highest degree of drilling precision (position accuracy), self-centering due to three flutes
  • A high degree of hole roundness due to a sturdy standard shaft which ensures a high degree of concentricity accuracy
  • High degree of alignment accuracy
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Minor burr formation due to 130° tip angle and sharp drill tip geometry

Low production costs

  • Extraordinary tool life
  • Highest degree of productivity, reliability and repeat accuracy
  • Minimum chip removal (pecks) (beyond 5 x d)
  • No pilot drilling or centering needed
  • CrazyDrill Alu can be reground. With this tool costs are being reduced

Complete drilling program for this drill for aluminum

  • Drill bit diameter range 0.4 mm – 3 mm (.016” to .118”), increments every 0.05 mm (.002”)
  • Drilling depths up to 5 x d and up to 10 x d
  • The CrazyMill Chamfer family is best suited for deburring or chamfering aluminum
  • In deeper holes (beyond 10 x d) or holes with a diameter greater than 3 mm (.118”), Mikron Tool recommends drills with through-tool cooling such as CrazyDrill Cool and CrazyDrill Cool XL

Special characteristics

  • Highest drilling speed
  • Highest degree of drilling precision and excellent surface quality
  • Self-centering due to the three flutes geometry, no prior centering or pilot drilling needed
  • Minimum chip removal (beyond 5 x d) due to special helical groove geometry
  • Extraordinary tool life of the drill for aluminum
  • Suitable for all aluminum alloys
  • High degree of productivity because of high feed rates
  • Mikron Tool recommends cutting oil as cooling lubricant; alternatively, water based coolant with EP additives can also be used, or minimum-quantity lubrication is also possible in case of reduced cutting data
  • Can be reground and recoated; drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Alu is equal to a new drill in terms of performance, precision and hole quality
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)