CrazyDrill Steel
the small quick drill for steel

CrazyDrill Steel from Mikron Tool achieves the best results when machining challenging materials. Its self-centering, the extraordinary cutting speeds and the highest feed rates ensure the best hole quality, outstanding surface quality and excellent tool life. This guarantees optimal cost-effectiveness when drilling. The best drill bit for steel, CrazyDrill Steel, is available from stock in the diameter range of 0.4 mm to 6.35 mm (.016” to .250”, fractional inches available). The standard drilling lengths are 4 x d, 6 x d and 7 x d.

Spectacular drilling with CrazyDrill Steel

Quicker, deeper, longer – these are the typical attributes of this solid carbide drill bit. The high-performance small drill CrazyDrill Steel actually creates small holes with a performance and accuracy that amaze every user. The industrial drill cutting to the center, with its tip angle of 140°, is self-centering and reaches the highest drilling speeds. The user can count on a reliable and efficient production method due to its excellent tool life, the high hole quality of H8/H7, the extraordinary surface quality and hole roundness. A significant  increase in productivity and a high degree of repeat accuracy are ensured. No wonder the term " hole punching" was invented for this drill. It drills through the material at the highest feed rates. Chip removal (Pecking) is unnecessary in most cases. Pecking ensures a high degree of reliability only in long-chipping materials such as titanium.

Important: adapted to the CrazyDrill program

The standard program for this tungsten carbide drill for steel includes the diameter range of 0.4 mm to 6.35 mm (.016” to .250”, fractional inches available) in drill lengths of up to 7 x d. Pilot drilling or centering is recommended on irregular or inclined material surfaces, when there is need for high position accuracy and generally in holes of more than 4 x d at a diameter of 0.8 mm (.031”). These are carried out ideally with CrazyDrill Pilot or with CrazyDrill Crosspilot when drilling on inclined, convex or concave surfaces. Both pilot drills are perfectly adapted to CrazyDrill Steel in terms of diameter and tolerance (no measurable transit and no jamming). Drill regrinding and recoating are possible in CrazyDrill Steel from a diameter of 1.4 mm (.055”) increasing the cost-effectiveness of this tool.

Important and often underestimated: the amazing cutting speeds and feed rates (up to 0.5 mm/U / .020”/rpm) should also be maintained, only then CrazyDrill Steel reaches its top performance  and functions impeccably.

Your personal CrazyDrill Steel

Mikron Tool also offers CrazyDrill Steel in client-specific variants:

  • Drill bits for hardened steel: Standardized up to 50 HRC, upon request up to 55 HRC
  • Counterclockwise drill
  • Drills with varying diameters and lengths for the standard program

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