A small drill for the highest degree
of performance and cost-effectiveness

Short machining time

  • This best drill bit for steel allows the highest drilling speeds (cutting speeds and feed rates)
  • No or minimum chip removal (Pecking)

Long tool life

  • The carbide industrial drill with high-performance coating
  • The helical flutes of this tungsten carbide drill for steel provide for optimal chip flow
  • In comparison to HSS drills, CrazyDrill Steel has a tool life that is 10 to 20 times longer. Cutting speed of CrazyDrill Steel vs. the cutting speed of an HSS drills: At the same feed rate, CrazyDrill Steel permits considerably higher cutting speeds. This means machining that is significantly faster than with HSS drills is possible


High process reliability -
high productivtiy

  • A high degree of reliability is ensured due to the self-centering of CrazyDrill Steel.
  • Optimized cutting geometry with edge preparation which means no cutting edge breakage.
  • The 140° tip angle is perfectly matched with the Mikron Tool pilot drilling program (centering with CrazyDrill Pilot with a tip angle of 140° when drilling at depths greater than 4 x d).

High degree of precision

  • A high degree of hole roundness due to a sturdy standard shaft which ensures a high degree of concentricity accuracy
  • High hole quality of H8/H7 is possible
  • Excellent surface quality of the hole
  • High degree of alignment accuracy

Lower production costs

  • Short machining time since the highest drilling speeds are reached
  • High degree of reliability due to the high-performance geometry of CrazyDrill
  • Low tool consumption due to long tool life
  • CrazyDrill Steel can be reground (from diameter 1.4 mm / .055”)

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • Pilot drilling or centering is recommended on irregular or inclined material surfaces, when there is need for high position accuracy and generally in holes of more than 4 x d at a diameter of 0.8 mm (.031”). These are carried out ideally with CrazyDrill Pilot or with CrazyDrill Crosspilot when drilling on inclined, convex or concave surfaces. Both pilot drills are perfectly adapted to CrazyDrill Steel in terms of diameter and tolerance (no measurable transition and no jamming).
  • Diameter range of the small carbide drill bits for steel: 0.4 to 6.35 mm (.016” to .250”, fractional inches available)
  • CrazyDrill Steel with usable length of up to 4 x d, 6 x d and 7 x d
  • Increments: up to a diameter of 4 mm (.157”) every 0.05 mm (.002”), from 4 mm (.157”) to 6 mm (.236”) every 0.10 mm (.004”)

Special characteristics

  • Highest drilling speed and high productivity
  • Low tool consumption and efficient machine utilization due to long tool life
  • Self-centering
  • High degree of precision (H7 – H8 quality possible)
  • Extraordinary surface quality
  • External cooling with cutting oil or water based coolant with EP additives
  • Can be reground and recoated; drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Steel in terms of performance, precision and hole quality is equal to a new drill
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)