CrazyDrill Cool XL 
extra long drill with through-tool
cooling for deep holes

Short machining time

  • Maximum feed rate, therefore perfect alternative to gundrill
  • One step = one deep hole
    • No deep-drilling cycle with chip break and chip removal needed
    • Good chip removal because of improved flute geometry and surface

Excellent tool life

  • Thanks to specific cutting-edge treatment before coating and subsequent polishing of drill flutes and tips
  • Tungsten carbide drill for steel with high-performance coating: lower friction coefficient guarantees less heat buildup, protects from cutting edge breakage and wear; low adhesion to material prevents bonding; resistant to thermal loads (high hot hardness)
  • Two internal cooling channels provide for optimal cooling at the tip
  • Power chamber in the shaft up to drill bit size diameter of 3 mm (.118”):
    • Sufficiently large coolant flow even at lower pressure
    • Greater coolant flow at identical pressure

High degree of process reliability

  • Produces short chips thanks to especially developed chip flute geometry (no drill breakage due to coiling of chips)
  • Clearly defined drilling process
  • Adapted program (tip angle and diameter tolerances) with the pilot drill CrazyDrill Pilot or when drilling on inclined surfaces with CrazyDrill Crosspilot
  • Good chip removal thanks to drill geometry and through-tool cooling

Highest precision

  • High degree of diameter accuracy and surface quality
  • Very high degree of perpendicularity and roundness thanks to a double margin
  • Highest degree of alignment accuracy

Economical drill

  • Quick drilling process
  • Long tool life
  • High degree of process reliability
  • The micro deep-hole drill can be reground and recoated. With this tool costs are being reduced
  • Can replace cost intensive deep-hole drilling with single lip drills (gundrill) (50% to 95% shorter machining time)

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • CrazyDrill Pilot: Mikron Tool recommends the use of the piloting/centering tool CrazyDrill Pilot as perfect hole preparation for high-precision position accuracy in deep-hole drilling (no deviation)
  • 15 x d / 20 x d / 30 x d: drill size diameter range 1 mm – 6 mm (.039” – .236”, fractional inches available) 
  • 40 x d: from drill size diameter 2 – 6 mm (.078” – .236”, fractional inches available)
  • Increments:
    • Every 0.05* mm (.002“) up to Ø 4 mm (.157“)
    • Every 0.10 mm (.004“) from Ø 4 – 6 mm (.157“ – .236“)
    • *Increments 0.05 mm (.002“) from 20 x d: delivery term upon request
  • Twist drill angle on the drill tip 140°, same as CrazyDrill Pilot

Special characteristics

  • Sturdy drill with through-tool cooling for deep-hole drilling
  • Carbide drill for steel (alloyed and not alloyed, stainless), cast iron, aluminum and titanium
  • Latest-generation solid carbide
  • Special high-performance coating eXedur SL
  • Specific cutting-edge treatment
  • Diameter tolerances of pilot drill and drill are matched. Consequently, there is no measurable transition from pilot drilling to follow-up drilling, nonetheless reliable drilling without drill jamming
  • Can be reground and recoated; drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Cool XL is equal to that of a new drill in terms of performance, precision and hole quality
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision).