Mecspe in Parma: lucky winners

- Who visited Mikron Tool in Parma, had a chance to win nice prices

It was quite busy on the stand of Mikron Tool at the Mecspe in Parma from March 28th to 30th, 2019. This not only because everybody had a chance to win attractive prices by answering certain questions regarding Mikron Tool’s products, but also because of the innovative products on exhibition themselves. The main topic and key attraction shown on the stand was precisely the machining of stainless and heat resistant Materials – process-reliable, fast and precise.

Our little mascot at the exhibition: a Penguin who can do what our tools are also achieving: plunge vertically and then proceed horizontally. This was actually a new milling tool, which plunges vertically into material to mill pockets and grooves in smallest dimensions. In stainless steels as well as Titanium and heat resistant alloys like CrCo-alloys. Click here for more information.

The competition where a valuable writing instrument and other nice prices could be won, was all about the cool cutting tools from Mikron Tool. The questions to be answered weren’t all that easy, but most participants had the right answers and thus participated at the raffle to win prices. The lucky winners were informed and received the prices personally.

The Mikron Tool team congratulates!


Of course, everybody not so lucky this time is cordially invited to participate again next year. Mikron Tool will again be present at the Mecspe in Parma in 2020 with new products and chances to win a price.