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- Another milestone in our success story. Mikron Tool's YouTube channel goes live: new, structured, informative and entertaining!

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2.3 billion users per month

As the second largest search engine after Google, the platform known as YouTube continues to grow in importance. Founded in 2005, the online video website, which became known primarily for its funny videos and music clips, has blossomed into a valuable medium for scientists, artists, teachers, hobbyists, athletes and companies in recent years. The number of monthly active YouTube users now reaches an incredible 2.3 billion people. 55% of companies around the world now use YouTube. The time is now right for our very own Mikron Tool channel. Thanks to the enormous reach of YouTube, our partners worldwide can now benefit from our highly exciting content.


High-performance machining now on YouTube

Expect impressive product and application videos about CrazyTools for drilling and milling, reaming and deburring in the micron range with materials that are traditionally hard to machine: stainless steel, titanium, super alloys and CR-CO alloys, these are challenges we love.  

Impressive product videos: One shot drilling!

Be inspired by the ingenious CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox with patented internal cooling. This unique drill is turbo-fast and has a tool life that is up to 15 times longer than that of other quality drills. Watch it drill through stainless steel up to 40 x d without chipping in a single pass. Let Clive, our friendly colleague from Monroe, USA, show you how this works during a quick coffee break.

Stunning application videos

Our CrazyMill Cool milling cutter series can best be described as a quantum leap in milling, as thanks to its novel geometry, coating and integrated cooling, the cutting volume is up to 20 times (!) higher, depending on the material. The crazy milling cutter achieves top performance especially with materials that are otherwise hard to machine. See for yourself, just how well it performs when producing a haemostatic clamp. We’re able to reduce processing by 50% and still achieve excellent surface finish. Just awesome.

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Take a look inside our top-class technology center

Our excellently positioned research and development department is at the state of the art in terms of machinery. Every day, our specialists tackle challenging and novel developments in tooling as well as customer projects from all sectors, and never fail to surprise thanks to their pioneering solutions. This is where our CrazyServices come into play, with which we offer various service packages tailored to the needs of customers. From tool testing, to process optimisation or redefinition, and to series prototyping. Our Head of R&D will be happy to explain this to you personally over a good espresso. And by the way, you’ll get the chance to witness how the R&D team pitches in with installation when a state-of-the-art turning and milling centre is delivered.  We love getting stuck in.

Topic-related content

Keep abreast of the latest developments at Mikron Tool with our collection of videos from trade fairs and events. Topic-related in-house events are also documented, such as our Medical Day 2020. A “full immersion” day in the world of MedTech, jointly organised by DMG MORI and Mikron Tool. Here you can see medical components made of titanium and stainless steel being machined with our tools on various machines from DMG MORI in 1/3 of the time that is normally required for machining such workpieces. Just crazy!

We are Mikron Tool

Of course, our channel is also aimed at our employees. Here you can see the results of their daily work. We owe the quality of our products to them. They all contribute to the success of Mikron Tool. Starting with engineering, production, sales and everyone else. Everyone contributes with their own personal talents and high level of expertise. And what unites us all: the passion for our CrazyTools! This passion is chiselled into our DNA. 

We hope you’ll share our enthusiasm and we cordially invite you all to immerse yourself in our fascinating world of machining and to become part of our global community.

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