To a successful cooperation!

- There are only winners, when DMG MORI and Mikron Tool work together

Special and very welcome guests on March 6th in Agno. Almost a year after the start of Mikron Tool as an official partner in the DMQP program, the cooperation is now taking shape.

A mixture of theory and practice was at the core of the seminar, which is why the day was held directly in the Technology Center, amid active machines. Only a few meters separated the "dry" presentation of technical data from the concrete demonstration on a CNC machine. Surely more exciting and convincing than many words on nice PowerPoint slides. The participants did not even have to leave the room for a coffee or a lunch break. A day of "full immersion" into the world of DMG MORI and Mikron Tool.


The DMG MORI Switzerland sales team had the chance to experience live the extraordinary results achieved on their DMG machines with our "crazy" tools. Especially in the part machining for medical technology, a particularly interesting sector for both companies. A bone plate machined from a single block in 35 minutes? No problem on a DMU 60 with CrazyMill Cool and an optimally adapted milling strategy. Bone screws made from titanium on a "Sprint" automatic lathe? Nobody can do this faster and more precise than with the CrazyTool Hexalobe tools. Surgical forceps completely manufactured in a single clamping? A “child's play” for a DMP 70, with internally cooled milling tools from Mikron Tool used in an optimal context.


Of course, there is a lot more at stake: bringing a clear added value to clients through the collaboration between DMG MORI and Mikron Tool. Without doubt, this lies in the inclusion of the entire machining process even before purchasing a new machine. And this is where we can work actively together. For example, with training courses for clients, which not only cover machines and tools, but also workpiece clamping, coolants or programming. In future, the Mikron Tool Technology Center will be available for such seminars, both for Swiss and international customers as well as for our partner DMG MORI of course.

The DMG MORI team members were the first to be informed about our new offer that is extremely interesting for future collaboration. Indeed, customers can now benefit from a new Mikron Tool service. Even before investing in a new machine, they can test tools and processes, carry out tool life tests or have entire projects developed. With relatively little (financial and time) effort, they acquire knowledge and thereby reduce the risk of wrong decisions or calculations.