Swiss Top Event 2015

- Representative training with many highlights

A good mix of work and pleasure. This was the topic of the training week “Swiss Top Event 2015”, organized by Mikron Tool SA Agno for our distribution partners in the USA.

From September 27 to October 2, 2015, the Swiss Cutting Tool manufacturer organized a product training at its headquarters in Agno/Switzerland followed by an introduction to the threading technology of DC Swiss in Malleray, who’s products Mikron Tool also distributes in the USA. Between the two training sessions, in line with the topic high-end products, a trip was included to the “Top of Europe”, the highest railways station of Europe with spectacular views of ice, snow and the highest peaks of the alps.


Equally special moments experienced the accompanying spouses during a cruise on the lake of Lugano or a guided tour through the historical center of Bern, the capital of Switzerland and UNESCO cultural heritage site.

The focus of the training were the new developments in the smallest diameter ranges with emphasis on the machining of difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, titanium and super alloys. Included are, amongst others, the micro drills CrazyDrill Flex and CrazyMill Cool for deep holes. Both product received the Prodex Award, a Swiss price for innovation in the manufacturing industry. A highlight was also the newest member of the family, the miniature drill CrazyDrill SST-Inox, specially of interest for the medical and dental technologies, the watch industry and other applications where stainless, acid resistant and heatproof materials are used.


Training for partners of Mikron Tool means foremost a technical introduction to the individual cutting tools and their use and applications on machine tools. In combination the participants can convince themselves by assisting tests on machines that the tools produce the actual results which are promised on paper. The training at DC Swiss works according to the same principle. The training at Mikron Tool for the first time took place in the new Technology Center, equiped with different CNC machines and specially arranged for development of new products, for customer tests and projects as well as for the formation of customers, partners and employees.


In both companies there are obviously also detailed tours through their production, always a welcome change with learning about production processes and the possibility to get to know the company organization.

A thank you goes to all staff of both companies which have helped to make this week a success, either with the organization, taking care of the visitors or the technical training. Also appreciation goes to the participants which have contributed with many questions and inputs to a lively training.


A few voices from the participants:

From Top of Bottom, Mikron is its people. When asked to create, perform, produce the people of Mikron are unique and “Best in Class”. The sharing of your home and country will leave a lasting memory with B.C.MacDonald. Many years from now, I hope I am called to share why B.C.MacDonald and Mikron are meant to grow stronger together. A common value for our people creates miraculous possibilites and solutions  /  Ted, B.C.MacDonald, distributor in St. Louis, Missouri

 “Family” I felt like I was with my family all week. Beautiful people, country and excellent food & wine. I must of gained 10 pounds. The Mikron Technology is second to none! Also DC Swiss. I look forward to a long relationship. Thank you  /  Kirk, Factory Tooling Solutions, Representative in Ankany, Iowa

I was impressed by the continous enthusiasm of the Mikron and DC Swiss employees. Enthusiasm for their work, enthusiasm for their colleagues and us, their guests. This spirtit infused me the entire week. I felt part of something bigger then myself and it reinforces my belief that continous enthusiasm is a force multiplier  /  Don, magazine CTE Cutting Tool Engineering, Chicago, Illinois

Very well organized – fantastic hospitality – Switzerland has more than just chocolate ! – Fond memories to treasure – look forward to coming back or to see you in the States. Until we meet again  /  Polly, spouse of Dennis, Lehigh Technical Precision in Barto, Pennsylvania