Mikron Tool Precision Tools are now included in DMQP Portfolio

- New partner in the DMG Mori Qualified Product Program – for high performance micro-machining with through cooling

Mikron Tool is a new DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Product Programs) partner and expands with that the portfolio in the segment of precision cutting tools for hard to machine materials of this worldwide largest manufacturer of machine tools. On the 50th year’s celebration of DMG Mori Switzerland, this cooperation was officially sealed.

For some three years Mikron Tool has worked closely with the DMG MORI Medical Excellence Center in Seebach. Based on the intensive exchange of Technology and Experience convincing productivity increases were reached with customer projects. Machining of a titanium bone plate on a DMP 70 during the Medical Days at DMG MORI in Seebach on Mai 14th and 15th 2019 was impressive. The CrazyTools from Mikron Tool beat all benchmarks regarding process safety, machining time and tool life. These successes became reality mainly due to the new tool technology developed in recent years which include integrated through coolant ducts and innovative geometries.

The starting shot for the cooperation was fired at the 50 years celebration of DMG Switzerland

It was certainly the most opportune event for the official start of the new cooperation: on June 13th 2019 at the Open House and 50-years celebration of DMG MORI Switzerland the official handshake and the handing over of a banner took place in presence of Markus Del Pian (DMG MORI Switzerland manager), Christoph Grosch (Executive VP DMQP) and the delegation of Mikron Tool with Markus Schnyder (President), Alberto Gotti (R&D Manager), Elio Lupica (COO) and Aramis Sardi (Technical Manager).

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 Mikron Tool Technology Center with DMG MORI Know-how

Based on the increased technology exchange between DMG MORI and Mikron Tool, the later expanded its Technology Center located in Agno with Machine Tools from DMG MORI – amongst them a SPRINT 20I8, a DMU60 eVo and a new DMP 70. According to Marcus Krueger, Global Key Account Manager for Medical at DMG MORI, the close cooperation at the Technology Center of Mikron Tool enables them to provide close by support with their bundled knowhow to customers in Switzerland and Italy.

Likewise, Markus Schnyder, the key responsible for Mikron Tool International, is confident, that this cooperation will advance both companies further in the field of efficient and precise machining in the small diameter range in demanding materials. No doubt, this is something which is always in great demand in Medical Technology.