Concentrated expertise at Mikron Tool

- The seminar topic “efficient and innovative solutions” concentrated on everything related to the machining of a Bone Plate.

We were all set on November 7:  25 interested end-users from the medical technology sector from Italy and Ticino (the Italian speaking region of Switzerland) amongst other places, met at the Technology Center of Mikron Tool in Agno. This was for once not only about demos with cutting tools and their performance, but also about the general question: How can I reduce the machining time for a Bone Plate made from Titanium?

Around this topic the participants received an all-inclusive package of information referring to the challenges and possible solutions related to this particular application. Starting with the correct clamping fixture, the perfectly adapted milling and drilling tools, burr-free thread cutting, the best suited coolant and then, finally, the right CAD-CAM programming.

The presenters invited, apart from the Tool specialists from Mikron Tool, were representatives of Schunk, DC Swiss, Blaser Swisslube and Open Mind.


Together they showed how important the cooperation and connections of different influencing factors is, to achieve the best possible results in chip removal machining: Speed combined with precision, process safety and quality. Especially interesting was the combination of theoretical presentations and hands-on machining demos on a CNC Machining Center. This was precisely why the seminar took place at the Mikron Tool Technology Center, which reinforced the presentations with practical examples.

Our thanks go to the speakers for their highly interesting presentations, to the actively engaging audience and the organizers, which provided the smooth running of the conference.

One of the participants mentioned:

…I was mostly impressed by the synergies between the individually presented topics, which together achieved the desired results:   Cost reductions and reduced machining time while maintaining optimal quality standards…