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241 A small tool on the top ! CrazyMill Cool, a small endmill winner of Prodex Award 2014 A small endmill on the top - CrazyMill Cool ! Innovation is awarded: the small endmill CrazyMill Cool with integrated cooling, diameter range 0.3 up to 6 mm, the winner of Prodex Award 2014. Learn more! A small tool on the top ! 1416870000

The objective for each future-oriented company is to propose innovative products to the customers. Receiving an award for an innovation is motivating to continue with future developments. This is also valid for Mikron Tool SA Agno, the winner of the Prodex Award 2014, a prize awarded during the Prodex fair in Basel every second year: an award for the most innovative products in the area of manufacturing. /en/News-Events/News/A-small-tool-on-the-top
249 A new, small dimensioned drill for stainless steel Small dimensions, stainless steel and process-reliability - a definite challenge for drills! Small drill dimensions in INOX–CrazyDrill SST-Inox CrazyDrill SST-Inox: process-reliable drilling in small dimensions of stainless & acid-resistant steels, diam. 0.3 up to 2 mm, usable length 8xd. More here! A new, small dimensioned drill for stainless steel 1408053600

With characteristics such as bad thermal conductivity, high ductility and long chips, stainless steel is not a favorite of the chip removal specialist. These properties are synonymous for material cementing at the cutting edges, jammed and blocked flutes and therefore often the cause for premature drill breakage. The development engineers of Mikron Tool SA Agno accepted the challenge and with CrazyDrill SST-Inox they developed a small drill especially adapted for stainless and acid-resistant steels. /en/News-Events/News/A-new-small-dimensioned-drill-for-stainless-steel
2163 Swiss Top Event 2015 Representative training with many highlights Training for Mikron Tool products with USA Partners The USA partners of Mikron Tool spend a week in Switzerland to learn more about Mikron Tool and DC Swiss cutting tools. Included a visit to “Top of Europe”. Swiss Top Event 2015 1444428000

A good mix of work and pleasure. This was the topic of the training week “Swiss Top Event 2015”, organized by Mikron Tool SA Agno for our distribution partners in the USA.

From September 27 to October 2, 2015, the Swiss Cutting Tool manufacturer organized a product training at its headquarters in Agno/Switzerland followed by an introduction to the threading technology of DC Swiss in Malleray, who’s products Mikron Tool also distributes in the USA. /en/News-Events/News/Swiss-Top-Event-2015
2183 Many participated in the contest to launch the new homepage. The new Mikron Tool Homepage is met with great interest, many visitors tried their luck participating in the contest. Mikron Tool: new Web site meets with great interest. Many participated in the contest to launch the new Mikron Tool Homepage. Continue surfing between the pages to learn more about „crazy“ cutting tools. Many participated in the contest to launch the new homepage. 1450134000

Online since the first of October 2015, the new Web site offers a multitude of information about our company, our products and our worldwide presence. A large number of visitors participated in the contest using the new search tool “Toolfinder”. And over 90% answered correctly to the question. /en/News-Events/News/Many-participated-in-the-contest-to-launch-the-new-homepage
2203 Mecspe 2016 A firm appointment in the yearly planning Mikron Tool presents small cutting tools for difficult materials Mikron Tool presents innovative cutting tools in small diameters for hard to machine materials ( Stainless steels, Titanium, Superalloys and Cr-Co-alloys ) Mecspe 2016 1460584800

Mikron Tool participates in Parma with its own booth and an attractive competition for the visitors plus presents itself a technological partner of the University of Parma. /en/News-Events/News/Mecspe-2016
2207 Expanding in China The Mikron Tool sales team in Shanghai guarantees a good customer service for China. Mikron Tool: a sales team operating from Shanghai Mikron Tool is now closer to chinese market and customers. With a sales team operating from Shanghai, with regional partners and some presence at trade fairs Expanding in China 1464645600

China is for Mikron Tool an interesting market, where in future we want to work directly and more closely with our customers and where we intend to intensify the introduction of our products on the Chinese market.
This will be done by our team in Shanghai together with a distribution network with partners which are going to assure a regional presence in the years to come. /en/News-Events/News/Expanding-in-China
2224 Trade fairs 2016 Local - National - International Mikron Tool: Positive participation in two local shows Mikron Tool participates with the regional partners in two trade shows in Spain and Switzerland. The results are throughout positive for both of them. Trade fairs 2016 1481324400

To participate in exhibitions is not only worthwhile for large international shows. Also at national events, industry specialists like to meet and update themselves on new developments. Even more so, because these exhibitions feature more and more the participation of global companies. Point in case how to stay internationally and locally up to date in chip removal technology are the Prodex in Basle (Switzerland) and the Metalmadrid (Spain). /en/News-Events/News/Trade-fairs-2016
2225 Mikron Tool at the IMTS in Chicago Big interest for the new Tools for stainless steel materials IMTS: News about stainless and heat resistant steels Mikron Tool presented itself at the IMTS as specialist for the machining of stainless and heat resistant alloys. Diameter range from 0.3 to 6 mm (.012“ to .236“) Mikron Tool at the IMTS in Chicago 1480374000

The people in charge at Mikron Tool were satisfied indeed after participating at the IMTS in Chicago from 12 to 17 of September 2016. Lots of traffic at the booth and great interest in the products, this is how the week can be quickly summed up. /en/News-Events/News/Mikron-Tool-at-the-IMTS-in-Chicago
2230 AMB Stuttgart: five happy winners Participate also you the next time! Who visits Mikron Tool at the exhibition, wins in any case! AMB: all about stainless steel –also the watch for the winner Mikron Tool presents at the AMB cutting tools for stainless materials. Fitting the topic every day a Swiss watch made from stainless steel could be won. AMB Stuttgart: five happy winners 1480287600

The Mikron Tool booth was very busy at the AMB in Stuttgart ( from the 13th to 17th September 2016). And this not only because there were interesting prizes to be won. These were only the glazing on the cake of the topic which was predominant at the booth Z320: namely the precise, fast and process safe drilling und milling of stainless steels, heat resistant and CrCo alloys. /en/News-Events/News/AMB-Stuttgart-five-happy-winners
2616 Live demo at the Mecspe 2017 in Parma Innovative method to mill a bone plate made from Titanium Mikron Tool shows new milling tools live at Mecspe in Parma Mikron Tool presents in common with SCHUNK, GF and CIMCOOL new solutions for the efficient machining of bone plates in titanium. Booth F09, Hall 2 Live demo at the Mecspe 2017 in Parma 1488668400

At the booth of SCHUNK (Hall 2 booth F09) interested visitors can see live the milling of a Bone Plate in titanium. The partners who participate in this project present their specific products, which together guarantee a high stability of the entire machining process. /en/News-Events/News/Live-demo-at-the-Mecspe-2017-in-Parma
2655 The Tool Book is here! The Mikron Tool catalog with a large offer of standardized and customized tools is now available Ask for the new cutting tool catalog from Mikron Tool New in Mikron Tool: the “Tool Book” with a large offer of standardized and customized cutting tools and a lot of information around the machining process! The Tool Book is here! 1498773600

From the founding of the company with its first 6-page brochure it has taken nearly 20 years to todays 600-page catalogue. During this time Mikron Tool morphed from a supplier of just special cutting tools for transfer machines to a globally present tool manufacturer. Today the range of standardized tools includes more than 2600 individual items. These are now included in a "toolbook" together with many additional and useful information for the end user. /en/News-Events/News/The-Tool-Book-is-here
2656 New products at the EMO: drill deeper, mill faster New Geometries and cooling systems guarantee process reliable machining Mikron Tool – milling and drilling tools for SST Mikron Tool presents at the EMO 2017 in Hanover new small drilling and milling tools for stainless steel. Visit booth A74 in Hall 4. More information here! New products at the EMO: drill deeper, mill faster 1500415200

The Swiss cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool presents at the EMO 2017 in Hanover drilling and milling tools in small dimensions to efficiently machine stainless and heat resistant materials. /en/News-Events/News/New-products-at-the-EMO-drill-deeper-mill-faster
2714 Deep holes in stainless steel With 4 times more cooling capacity one shot drilling is possible Deep hole drilling in stainless steel – in one shot CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox: deep hole drill for stainless steel and superalloys. In one single drilling step due to efficient cooling concept. Read more here! Deep holes in stainless steel 1505858400

CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox is a solid carbide drill, in the diameter range from 1 to 6 mm, developed for the machining of stainless steels, heat resistant alloys (nickel based) and chrome-cobalt alloys. After the 2016 launch of the short versions of 6 x d and 10 x d, the program includes now drilling depths of 15 x d and 20 x d. Starting spring 2018 all standard sizes will be available from stock from all of their delivery centers. /en/News-Events/News/Deep-holes-in-stainless-steel
2753 Finishing in grinding surface quality New milling cutter with integrated cooling now available from stock Endmill for perfect surface finish in Stainless Steel CrazyMill Cool: New endmill with integrated cooling for surfaces in grinding quality. For stainless steel, titanium and heat resistant alloys. Read mor here! Finishing in grinding surface quality 1508882400

The CrazyMill Cool products have been developed for milling in small dimensions with highest performance and quality. Now a new “family member” has been added: a four teeth Finishing Milling Cutter with shank integrated cooling, available from stock in the diameter range of 1 to 8 mm and for milling depths of up to 5 x d. This milling cutter is suitable for machining all materials up to a hardness of 54 HRC. Nevertheless, this new tool has been developed focusing on stainless steels, titanium, heat resistant alloys based on nickel and chrome-cobalt-alloys. /en/News-Events/News/Finishing-in-grinding-surface-quality
2755 Mikron Tool increases its presence in China From now on the standard tools from Mikron Tool will be readily available from stock in China. Mikron Tool products available from stock in China Good news for Mikron Tool customers in China: Due to a newly set up inventory stock the delivery times and shipping costs will be reduced. Learn more here! Mikron Tool increases its presence in China 1514847600

A bit more than one year after moving to the Swiss Center Shanghai, Mikron Tool takes additional steps to increase the market presence in China. This requires an inventory composed of all standard products, a sales network with competent partners and organizing technical seminars. /en/News-Events/News/Mikron-Tool-increases-its-presence-in-China
2863 Sponsors wanted! For the 20 years jubilee, a cycle tour for a good cause, you too can help us! Mikron Tool employees pedal 380 Km. For Greenhope. End of May 12 Mikron Tool employees start out on their bicycles in Rottweil to arrive after 4 days and 380 Km in Agno for the benefit of Greenhope! More here! Sponsors wanted! 1524607200

On May 31, 12 “crazy” Mikron Tool employees on their bicycles start in Rottweil to arrive after 4 days in Agno. The occasion is the 20 years company anniversary. However, more is involved: with the help of Kilometer-Sponsors an amount as high as possible will be collected for Greenhope. Obviously Mikron Tool participates with donations for each cycled Kilometer. /en/News-Events/News/Sponsors-wanted
2865 20 years and still a bit crazy On April 1st, Mikron Tool looks back on 20 years of success 2018: Mikron Tool celebrates 20 years of CrazyTools Small, precise, fast. These are the caracteristics of Mikron Tool cutting tools. And always a touch of craziness. Read more about the 20-year success story! 20 years and still a bit crazy 1522533600

Embedded within the Mikron Group – known above all as builder of Transfer- and Automation systems – Mikron Tool, has created for itself, since its inception 20 years ago, a solid position in the world of precision cutting tools. Today the cutting tool manufacturer in Ticino (southern Switzerland) is one of the leaders producing small solid carbide tools for difficult to machine materials. /en/News-Events/News/20-years-and-still-a-bit-crazy
2881 Celebrating – within the family At the 20 years jubilee the employee’s families were the focus point Mikron Tool celebrates with staff & their families Mikron Tool thanks, with a family day, all employees for 20 years of commitment & success in developing, producing and selling top notch cutting tools. Celebrating – within the family 1526767200

On the 1st of April 2018 Mikron Tool looked back on its 20 years success story. And celebrated with all its employees on the 28th of the same month. Because it’s them which made success possible, day by day with constant top-level commitment. /en/News-Events/News/Celebrating-within-the-family
2921 Team of Mikron Tool is excited and celebrates We are the winner of the first Prodex Award for "Best Performance Company" Prodex Award for Mikron Tool: Best Performance Comany Mikron Tool was awarded for innovation, consistency, workplace preservation in Switzerland and success on the international market. Read more about it! Team of Mikron Tool is excited and celebrates 1559080800

At the Prodex exhibition 2019 in Basle (Switzerland) Mikron Tool received a special award: the Prodex Award for “Best Performance Company”. /en/News-Events/News/Team-of-Mikron-Tool-is-excited-and-celebrates
2925 New offices in Spain Gaspa Grane moves to their newly structured offices at the “old” address in Sant Feliu de Llobregat Mikron Tool in Spain: new offices for the team Gaspa Grane Gaspa Grane, the exclusive partner of Mikron Tool in Spain, restructured their offices to live up to today’s requirements. Read more about it here! New offices in Spain 1556575200

In April of this year Gaspa Grane Utiles de Precision inaugurated their new office space in Sant Feliu de Llobregat. This concludes a restructuring process which started some time ago. Today, office and warehouse space totaling of 250m2 is available. /en/News-Events/News/New-offices-in-Spain
2942 Mikron Tool Precision Tools are now included in DMQP Portfolio New partner in the DMG Mori Qualified Product Program – for high performance micro-machining with through cooling Mikron Tool is in DMG Mori Qualified Product Program Mikron Tool precision tools for micro-machining have now the seal of approval for Premium accessory components of DMG Mori. Link to more information! Mikron Tool Precision Tools are now included in DMQP Portfolio 1561672800

Mikron Tool is a new DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Product Programs) partner and expands with that the portfolio in the segment of precision cutting tools for hard to machine materials of this worldwide largest manufacturer of machine tools. On the 50th year’s celebration of DMG Mori Switzerland, this cooperation was officially sealed. /en/News-Events/News/Mikron-Tool-Precision-Tools-are-now-included-in-DMQP-Portfolio
2949 Cycle for Hope! Mikron Tool employees cycle the second time for a good cause Mikron Tool: climbing 4000 Meter altitude for Greenhope From June 7th to 10th, nine Mikron Tool employees cycled from Boudry to Agno and overcame 4000 meters altitude – for the project Greenhope. Find out more here! Cycle for Hope! 1560981600

After the success of last year, the sports team of Mikron Tool decided again this year for a special performance, all for a good cause. Like the base-to-base tour of 2018, this year they went from Boudry to Agno, both being locations of Mikron Group divisions. /en/News-Events/News/Cycle-for-Hope
2951 Mecspe in Parma: lucky winners Who visited Mikron Tool in Parma, had a chance to win nice prices Cutting or writing: always valuable tools at Mikron Tool Mikron Tool at the Mescpe exhibition with new “crazy” tools for stainless materials. Appropriate to the topic there were valuable prices to be won. More here. Mecspe in Parma: lucky winners 1557871200

It was quite busy on the stand of Mikron Tool at the Mecspe in Parma from March 28th to 30th, 2019. This not only because everybody had a chance to win attractive prices by answering certain questions regarding Mikron Tool’s products, but also because of the innovative products on exhibition themselves. /en/News-Events/News/Mecspe-in-Parma-lucky-winners
2954 Groundbreaking ceremony Mikron Tool celebrates the start of construction of the facility expansion on the Berner Feld Mikron Tool: more manufacturing space for CrazyTools The location Rottweil / Germany of Mikron Tool gains more manufacturing space. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on July 16, 2019. Read more here ! Groundbreaking ceremony 1563228000

Mikron GmbH Rottweil’s personnel celebrates a further milestone in the growth of their location: the groundbreaking for the construction of a new manufacturing building, which will increase significantly the production capacity for tools of Mikron Tool. /en/News-Events/News/Groundbreaking-ceremony
2966 Concentrated expertise at Mikron Tool The seminar topic “efficient and innovative solutions” concentrated on everything related to the machining of a Bone Plate. Innovative machining of a Bone Plate made from Titanium Tools, Fixturing, Programming and Coolants: these are important factors to machine a Bone Plate in Titanium efficiently. Read more about it here! Concentrated expertise at Mikron Tool 1574204400

We were all set on November 7:  25 interested end-users from the medical technology sector from Italy and Ticino (the Italian speaking region of Switzerland) amongst other places, met at the Technology Center of Mikron Tool in Agno. This was for once not only about demos with cutting tools and their performance, but also… /en/News-Events/News/Concentrated-expertise-at-Mikron-Tool
2987 DOGA - new partner We start a new collaboration in France Mikron Tool - DOGA is our new partner in France Starting from 1st of March 2020, Mikron Tool is represented in France by DOGA, for selling the “crazy” tools in the French market. Good Luck ! Read more here ! DOGA - new partner 1583017200

As of March 1st, 2020, DOGA Productive Solutions becomes an official partner of Mikron Tool for France. The aim is to strengthen our presence on the French market with an efficient distribution network. At the same time, the partnership gives DOGA the opportunity to expand their range of cutting tools with swiss products known to be "crazy" in terms of performance and precision. /en/News-Events/News/DOGA-new-partner
3030 To a successful cooperation! There are only winners, when DMG MORI and Mikron Tool work together Added value for customers: DMG MORI and Mikron Tool! A «Full Immersion» day into the world of DMG MORI and Mikron Tool. To show the added value of concentrated know how. For customers, for he future. More here! To a successful cooperation! 1584486000

Special and very welcome guests on March 6th in Agno. Almost a year after the start of Mikron Tool as an official partner in the DMQP program, the cooperation is now taking shape. /en/News-Events/News/To-a-successful-cooperation
3232 Contact and information even in "travel-free" times Mikron Tool launches its first webinars for partners and customers Webinar: imparting knowledge online about CrazyTools New solutions for the machining of stainless steels, titanium and superalloys. Mikron Tool imparts now his knowledge online. Take part! Contact and information even in "travel-free" times 1589234400

If not now, when? Mikron Tool's Italian sales engineers invite you to a short, crisp introduction to the world of Mikron Tool's “Crazy” tools. In various webinars (initially in Italian) you can learn about the latest innovations and highlights. The focus is on efficient drilling and milling of stainless steels, titanium and heat-resistant alloys. click here for more information. /en/News-Events/News/Contact-and-information-even-in-travel-free-times
3235 The turnkey solution for Torx® sockets Mikron Tool presents a new concept for hexalobular medical screws made from titanium or stainless steel. Efficiency in the machining of Torx® sockets A drill, a micro endmill and an efficient solution for machining Torx® sockets on medical screws made from titanium or stainless steel. Find out more! The turnkey solution for Torx® sockets 1590357600

900 million medical screws are produced every year with a strong upward trend. Efficiency in production plays therefore an increasingly important role: every saved second is an advantage in terms of money and time. The challenge is to increase productivity while ensuring highest quality. /en/News-Events/News/The-turnkey-solution-for-Torx-R-sockets
3348 Embracing U.S. customery units Mikron Tool launches new diameters in fractional inches New from Mikron Tool: fractional inch sizes Mikron Tool introduces a fractional inch diameter range for a large assortment of drilling and milling cutter families. Read more! Embracing U.S. customery units 1601503200

The Swiss cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool expands its offering and now provides tools with diameters in fractional inches, starting from 1/64” up to 1/4" depending on the product line. The United States is not only an industrially and technologically advanced nation, but is also at the forefront in many high-tech industries such as aerospace. Therefore, many dimensions in this sector are expressed in U.S customary units (inches). Not only in the United States but Worldwide. /en/News-Events/News/Embracing-U.S.-customery-units
3350 "Full immersion" into the world of chip removal machining Mikron Tool and DMG MORI organize a medical technology day at the Technology Center in Agno Medical components with DMG MORI and Mikron Tool! From bone plates (Volar Radius Plates) to bone screws: a "full immersion" into the MedTech world of DMG MORI and Mikron Tool: read more here! "Full immersion" into the world of chip removal machining 1601848800

Finally live again! On September 4, 2020, a medical day took place at Mikron Tool’s Technology Center - of course under strict compliance with the safety regulations that are still in force. A "full immersion" day into the MedTech world, jointly organized by DMG MORI and Mikron Tool. The presentations focused on the machining of medical components made of titanium and stainless steel, realized with Mikron Tool cutting tools on various high-performance machines from DMG MORI in 1/3 of the time normally required for machining such workpieces. /en/News-Events/News/Full-immersion-into-the-world-of-chip-removal-machining
3372 Mikron Tool: Die Elon Musks der Zerspanung Mikron Tool: Die Elon Musks der Zerspanung 1596751200

Matthias Böhm, Redakteur der Fachzeitschrift SMM (Schweizer Maschinenmarkt) verbrachte einen Tag bei Mikron Tool. Lesen Sie das spannende Interview mit Markus Schnyder (CEO), Alberto Gotti (Leiter R&D) und Silvia Schnyder (Leiterin Kommunikation) über die Zukunft von Mikron Tool. /en/News-Events/Press-news/Mikron-Tool-Die-Elon-Musks-der-Zerspanung
3375 Mikron Tool : l'Elon Musk de l'usinage Mikron Tool : l'Elon Musk de l'usinage 1598306400

Matthias Böhm, rédacteur du magazine SMS (LE MENSUEL DE L'INDUSTRIE) a passé une journée chez Mikron Tool. Lisez l'interview passionnante de Markus Schnyder (PDG), Alberto Gotti (responsable de la R&D) et Silvia Schnyder (responsable de la communication) sur l'avenir de Mikron Tool. /en/News-Events/Press-news/Mikron-Tool-l-Elon-Musk-de-l-usinage
3378 Take the plunge Take the plunge 1595196000

Discover the new version of the plunge-mill CrazyMill Cool P&S for even deeper machining operations. /en/News-Events/Press-news/Take-the-plunge
3381 Werkzeuge für das Schwierige Mikrowerkzeuge für rostfreie Stähle Werkzeuge für das Schwierige 1585778400

Mikrowerkzeuge ab 0.2 mm Durchmesser für die Bearbeitung von rostfreien Stählen, hitzebeständigen Legierungen oder biokompatiblen Materialien. /en/News-Events/Press-news/Werkzeuge-fuer-das-Schwierige
3384 Titanio, inox, super leghe: tutto lavorato senza preoccupazioni Forature profonde su acciai inox e super leghe utensili di precisione per forature, fresature e alesature in materiali difficili da lavorare Titanio, inox, super leghe: tutto lavorato senza preoccupazioni 1586124000

Utensili progettati su misura perl velocizzare la lavorazione di materiali difficili da lavorare come il titanio, gli acciai inox e le superleghe. /en/News-Events/Press-news/Titanio-inox-super-leghe-tutto-lavorato-senza-preoccupazioni
3386 La perforazione viene dal freddo Un sistema di raffreddamento utensile per la lavorazione del titanio Un sistema di raffreddamento utensile per la lavorazione del titanio, un materiale difficile da lavorare ma indispensabile nel settore medicale. La perforazione viene dal freddo 1587333600

Un sistema di raffreddamento utensile per la lavorazione del titanio, un materiale difficile da lavorare ma indispensabile nel settore medicale. /en/News-Events/Press-news/La-perforazione-viene-dal-freddo
3392 Let’s go Sweden Mikron Tool grows and celebrates a large sales network in Sweden Two Swedish partners cover the entire country Mikron Tool has expanded its sales network in Sweden through their partners VERKTYGSFIRMA ROGER SWÄRD and EDECO TOOL AB. Let’s go Sweden 1615849200

Mikron Tool has expanded its sales network in Sweden and is now represented by the partners Verktygsfirma Roger Swärd (Gothenburg) and Edeco Tool AB (Karlstad). By dividing up the regions, they cover the entire country strengthening Mikron Tool's presence on the Swedish market by selling Mikron Tool standardized tools and providing a professional technical support on site. They owe their competence and professionalism to more than 35 years of experience in the mechanical industry. In addition, together with a team of sales experts trained by Mikron Tool, they offer specialized technical support. The collaboration allows the two companies to expand their range of cutting tools with high-quality products from the Swiss tool manufacturer. /en/News-Events/News/Let-s-go-Sweden